Puzzle Me!

photo © Luciano Romano
designer Margherita Palli

Permeable backdrops used as screens marking the projected images. i-Mesh is filter, sign and projection area at the same time. The study of the amount of void played a very important role representing the highest definition and it proves the amazing relationships between i-Mesh and the beam light.

“Puzzle Me!” is the narration of a great cultural project which arose from the collaboration between the Academy of Beijing and NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. The scenography, conceived together with Marco Cristini, is a communication platform with a strong impact on which Chinese choreographer Yang Jiang placed 11 performers from 7 different countries to dance at the sound of the RUAN, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. 

The scenographer Margherita Palli chose to match two materials which reflect the identity of the project and the symbolic and conceptual intentions of the show: paper, ancient material that the Chinese tradition transforms into forms ranging from objects to calligraphy, and i-Mesh, the essential texture, a symbol of technological matter in its purest form. Thanks to this result, i-Mesh has been selected as Finalist 2016 for the category “Light and Surface Interior” for the prestigious Surface Design Award 2016 in London.

i-Mesh Morellet F 150
Puzzle Me!
Puzzle Me!

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